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Our society will emerge from this crisis and, just as when we have emerged from other periods of collective suffering, we must make sure that we acknowledge that experience by drawing on the way we have come together to embed a new approach to community. Previous generations learned that none of us truly succeed when we leave others behind and that fact has been starkly shown in the last few weeks.

Comment on the Tory Mayor’s Recovery Plan, Liam Byrne, Labour’s Shadow Mayor for the West Midlands said: 

‘This is a plan for limping out of lockdown when we need a plan for liftoff. 

‘Bizarrely, our Tory Mayor says absolutely nothing about how much we need in emergency investment from ministers next year to stop the West Midlands going from lock-down to meltdown. This is recipe for a terrible deal.  Ask for peanuts, and peanuts is what we’ll get. 

Labour’s Shadow Mayor: Immediate kickstart of upto £2.9 billion - plus job guarantee scheme - needed for West Midlands to avoid Great Depression

Labour’s Shadow Mayor for the West Midlands Liam Byrne has called for ministers to prepare an immediate kick-start plan of upto £2.9 billion for the region ‘to make sure the Great Lockdown doesn’t now become the Great Downturn’ in the heart of Britain.

Labour’s Liam Byrne is making the call in a major speech entitled: Saving Lives and Saving Livelihoods. He is also calling for a jobs guarantee scheme as discussions with economists reveal that unemployment could rise by up over 150,000 in the West Midlands in the worst case scenario.

Tonight I want to share some thoughts with you about the future.

Over the last few weeks, as a country and the magnificent seven boroughs of the West Midlands we’ve risen to every challenge this terrible pandemic has thrown at us.

We may be isolating ourselves - but we’ve come together like never before.

Neighbours mucking in to do each others shopping.

IMage of workers' banner

By Cerys Way

May Day has a long tradition in the UK. From the Celtic fire festival of Beltane to the celebration of the May, the start of Summer is a special time. It is also a time that belongs to working people. In the 1880s, processions involving May Queens and Kings started in the Midlands as a way of poor young people raising money for themselves and mocking the aristocracy.

Liam Byrne, MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill and Labour’s Shadow Mayor for the West Midlands is pressing the government to take action on firms profiteering from the CoronaCrisis today.

Byrne’s move comes after highlighting a local pharmacy in his constituency that was charging £19.99 for 200ml of the children's medicine, Calpol.

In the wake of the outcry, Byrne asked his social media followers to send in evidence of rip offs - and was flooded with responses.

Liam Byrne MP, Labour’s Shadow Mayor for the West Midlands, has today called for an emergency five point plan to protect hundreds of thousands of West Midlands workers from plunging into poverty as CoronaVirus shuts down work across the region. 

The call comes as House of Commons library research commissioned by Liam, shows: