Liam Byrne MP today called for a new Mayor’s Taskforce to mobilise the West Midlands to deliver 300,000 Covid vaccines a week - allowing all 1.6 million residents in the top priority groups in the region to be vaccinated by Valentine’s Day.  Byrne’s plan, based on new House of Commons data for the West Midlands, reveals there are 1.6 million West Midlands residents in the top 6 priority groups (which account for 99% of Covid deaths) - and 2.7 million residents over the age of 50. Byrne’s 5 po

Please use the link below to find a full copy of the letter to the Department of Education asking the Department to extend free school meal provision to more children from low-income households ahead of what will be a difficult winter for many families.

In the letter MPs say:

Speech to Labour Connected2020  

Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP, Shadow Mayor for the West Midlands  

Thursday 24 September 2020 

As we head into an Autumn of Anxiety and Winter of Worry, we’re going to need to pull together once again to get through it. 

Today I want to set out first thoughts on how together we make sure that from the agony of our loss must come change 

The stories I’ve heard from grieving families this year will stay with me for life.