Brexit Vote

Many in Hodge Hill and the West Midlands voted to leave the European Union on June 23. I accept and respect the result as the will of the British people expressed in a democratic exercise.
I will not therefore vote to frustrate the Brexit process. I will be fighting to ensure that we get the best possible deal for Britain- one that protects jobs, the economy and workers’ rights.
The terms upon which we exit the EU will determine the place of the UK not only in Europe but in the world for many years to come. Our terms of exit must not sacrifice jobs, living standards, our economy or workers’ rights.

That is why there has to be a proper democratic scrutiny of the entire process. Parliament must hold the government to account and ensure that we get the best possible deal for the British people. We did after all vote to return power to Parliament.

I serve on the International Trade Committee which is looking at how the UK can shape its future trade relationships in a post-Brexit world and ensure that we make a success of our exit.

I hope this makes my position nice and clear.