Liam Byrne today launched the first Hodge Hill school council of the year competition - and has promised to nominate the winner to represent the constituency in Parliament's celebration of the Magna Carta next year.


To mark the 800th anniversary of the famous charter setting out the English rights, Parliament has invited every MP to nominate a primary school to design a flag to represent their community. The winners of the nation wide competition will fly in Parliament Square and surrounding streets in March 2015.


The 2015 Flag Project will bring together schools from across the UK, and the winning school will submit its design by December. The flags will also appear in an online digital exhibition.


Liam Byrne said;


'Whenever I do my popular school-gate surgeries, I've always tried to meet the school council. Over the years I've grown more and more impressed by the work they do bringing children together to talk about how to improve life for the school and local area.


'Some have run brilliant anti-littering campaigns, or come up with ideas for new kit for the playground, or just organised networks of friends for lonely class-mates.


'So I want to say a big thank you to school councils and the work they do by inviting the best if the best to represent us on the national stage, designing the flag that will fly for us in Westminster'.


'School councils help teach the values of which our democracy relies; how to listen and how to put forward ideas for making a better world. It teaches youngsters to be the change that they want to see in the world'.






Liam Byrne is writing to Hodge Hill primary school this week to ask Heads to nominate their school council. The winners will be the council that shows how it's maximised involvement and input from students, and delivered real change.