Byrne urges Birmingham to go it alone as Gove fails to act


Liam Byrne today urged Birmingham City Council to set up its own comprehensive enquiry into local schools, led by an independent advisor, after a cross-party letter from the city's MPs to Michael Gove demanding action was greeted by a deafening silence.


All of the Birmingham's ten MPs wrote to Mr Gove on Monday night urging him to establish a joint review with the city council to build a 'full picture' of what had happened, and develop proposals for reform. But Mr Gove has failed to even acknowledge the letter.


Liam Byrne said:


"Parents and teachers are demanding a calm, thorough investigation which gets to the bottom of what's gone on, and crucially draws up proposals for change.


“But Michael Gove has now failed to demonstrate to the people of Birmingham that he can be across the detail on this situation.


"Reports of financial impropriety and allegations of extremists influencing our schools are matters of urgency. But Mr Gove has so far failed to show that he can lead a coordinated investigation across all schools especially all those answering to Whitehall. There’s clearly huge problems with today's system - and his stewardship of it.”


"We needed rapid action and what we've got is a deafening silence."