CCTV in Equine Slaughterhouses

The welfare of horses at the end of their lives is an issue that requires proper scrutiny.

Protecting animal welfare in slaughterhouses should be encouraged. The mandatory use of CCTV in slaughterhouses should therefore apply in all circumstances and in relation to all animals.

CCTV coverage in equine slaughterhouses in nowhere near as comprehensive as it can be. The Food Standards Agency estimates that in 2016, the percentage of abattoirs with CCTV has grown to 49.3% for red meat and 70.4% for white meat. Equine slaughterhouses are lagging behind.

CCTV must be comprehensively applied and accessible to relevant authorities in order to support them in undertaking their duty of monitoring welfare. This would make the slaughter process more transparent and more humane and encourages businesses adhere to welfare laws.

It is time for the Government and the industry to take the opportunity to make their commitment to horse welfare in equine slaughterhouses more transparent and effective.