Speaking after a Boris Johnson’s announcement of 24/7 vaccinations and a briefing from Birmingham health chiefs, Liam Byrne said:   ‘Our NHS is working miracles to get everyone vaccinated just at the time when pressure on wards is spiralling. As we’re now in a race of the virus versus the vaccine, the announcement of imminent 24/7 vaccinations are really welcome.  ‘But vague promises won’t save lives - we need to see the plan.  'Last week, Birmingham MP’s asked for total clarity about when, where and how many vaccinations will be delivered in Birmingham. NHS leaders still haven’t got that information to give us.  ‘That means we’re in the dark about vaccination rates or take-up rates so we don’t know where we need to surge in extra capacity. This just isn’t good enough.  ‘Birmingham has got a right to know the truth about what’s going on so we can quickly fix anything that’s going wrong.’  ‘After all the sacrifice we need a plan that works - and we need it now.’