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“It’s time for us to be a leader again. To build on our heritage and lead Britain’s new Green Industrial Revolution”

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Liam’s has a relentless focus on jobs - and is determined to rebuild Birmingham & the West Midlands as the Green Manufacturing Capital of Britain.

Right now, the truth is we just don’t have enough good manufacturing jobs’ says Liam. ‘Our region made history – by inventing the future. We started the industrial revolution - but for the years ahead we should set our sights on something bigger: becoming the Britain’s capital of green manufacturing. ‘That’s the way we create the jobs of the future, for our young people who’ve been through such tough times, trading our way back to recovery, earning the money that we need to put back into the NHS and social care system which has been worth it's weight in gold during the crisis’. ‘But it’s also the way that we make sure our air is cleaner and stop damaging our planet,’ Liam goes on. ‘Unfortunately, right now we are falling behind. We pride ourselves on our car making – but did you know there are more electric vehicle charging points in Westminster than there are in the whole of the West Midlands?’

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“Coronavirus crisis.We’ve pulled together like never before."

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If the present crisis has one small silver lining, it’s seeing our instinct to pull together. Looking out for each other and finding ways to help out.

As we start to recover we need to keep hold of that spirit. Our city is seen as a poster child for people getting along. But we don’t do enough to celebrate our spirit. We can use our culture of togetherness to re-invigorate our communities on the ground—to support community schemes, markets and festivals. To truly bring our region back to life, and demonstrate our pride in who we are.