Former Lib Dem mayoral candidate, Beverley Nielsen, has been appointed by Shadow Mayor of the West Midlands, Liam Byrne, to advise him on making the West Midlands the home of Green Manufacturing. Beverly will also Chair  a newly convened Council of Specialists who will be challenged to start planning  the transition of the West Midlands into the UK centre of Green Manufacturing. Beverly Nielsen said: “I am delighted to be working with Liam Byrne on his exciting and ambitious plans for the West Midlands to be the first zero-carbon region. We have so much potential in our region and we should be at the very heart of Green Manufacturing. I know that with Liam leading our region as our Mayor, we can create new jobs while cleaning up our air and reducing our carbon-foot print.” Beverley is well known in the region as the  Associate Professor at  the Institute for Design & Economic Acceleration, Birmingham City University, and the former regional director of the Confederation of British Industries. Liam said: "I am proud to have the support and expertise of Beverly Nielsen in our team. She is someone who gets both the potential of our region and what it could mean for manufacturing. "Our ambition for the West Midlands is clear. We want, once again, be the spiritual home of UK manufacturing. But as we recover from the crippling affects of the Covid19 pandemic, this must mean leading the country on Green Manufacturing.  By doing so, we can create thousands of well-paid, high skills jobs across the whole of the Midlands.”  "The West Midlands must get ready for new technologies and the jobs of the future. I’ve worked up costed plans which realistically show how, using existing funds, we could turbo-charge the economy of our region. If I am elected in May, I don’t want to spent months writing it up plans.  "This new Council of Specialists  will start work on those plans right away. This will mean that from Day 1 as the Mayor of the West Midlands, we can start delivering for the West Midlands.  I will not wait for Central Government to hand down solutions to our problems from Whitehall. As an activist Mayor, working with our local councils, we will start to make up for the years of missed opportunities under our current Tory Mayor.” ***END***