Liam Byrne, Labour’s Shadow Mayor of the West Midlands, is backing calls by Dudley Councillor, Keiran Casey, for Dudley Council to bestow Freedom of the Borough for the care workers who have been on the front line tackling covid-19.

Liam said: “Across the West Midlands, the entire NHS and Social Care family have been working extremely hard to combat coronavirus. Their efforts have been a shining example of all that is great about our public service and our public servants. Recognising them in Dudley with Freedom of the Borough is a great way to say ‘Thank You’.”

Liam has now written to the Leader of Dudley Borough Council confirming his support for the Labour Group’s proposal.

Liam added, “In Parliament, I will continue to call for the Government to properly fund councils so that care workers can be paid a decent salary of at least the Real Living Wage and I will continue to fight for the cash our NHS and hospitals need. But that fight with the Government will take time, so in the mean time I am asking Dudley Council to think about what they can do to honour those who have given their all for us.”

A copy of the letter can be found below ###########

Dear Councillor Patrick Harley
Recognition of our Front Line care heroes
Across our region, an army of care workers both in our social care system and our NHS are giving their everything to keeping us safe, secure and well looked after.
Their dedication has been a shining example of everything that is great about public service and public servants. When this pandemic is over, we shall all owe a debt to those key workers who have gone above and beyond at a time of national crisis.
In Parliament, I shall be continuing my calls for Local Councils to be properly funded so that there can be no excuse for not paying social care staff, at least, the living wage foundation’s Living Wage and with parliamentary colleagues, I will carry on fighting for the investment and funding our NHS staff and hospitals need.
This crisis has highlighted, once again, that the value to society of our NHS and social care workers is not truly reflected in their pay, terms or conditions and this will have to change.
However, while the argument is being made to the Conservative Government on why they should properly pay our NHS and Social Care, I would ask you to consider very seriously the proposal from Councillor Keiran Casey to properly recognise the efforts of these devoted staff in the form of Freedom of the Borough.
We all know the importance to saying ‘Thank You’ and how much is can brighten an individual’s day. This is, now, our chance to say a collective ‘Thank You’ to the thousands of social care and NHS workers who have gone above and beyond for the West Midlands.
Yours sincerely,
Rt Hon. Liam Byrne MP
Shadow Mayor of the West Midlands