In a joint statement, Labour’s Shadow Mayor of the West Midlands, Liam Byrne MP along with Solihull Labour Councillors Flo Nash, David Cole and Marcus Brain, have welcomed the initiative by David Jamieson.

They said, “Decision taken in Westminster by the Conservative Government have seen the West Midlands lose thousands of police officers and swinging budget cuts means police stations are under threat.” 

“We wholeheartedly support the initiative by David Jamieson to relocate Civil Servants to Solihull and utilise the existing space in our police station to ensure it can stay open to the public.  Bringing so many jobs in to Solihull will also have a huge benefit to our local economy.”

“If our local Conservative MPs and our Conservative Council are serious about exploring all option to keeping Solihull Police Station open, then we hope they will get behind David Jamieson’s plan and lobby their friends in Westminster to save our police station.”

Simon Foster, Labour’s candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner election in May 2021 has also backed the plan by Commissioner Jamieson.


Simon said; “In the West Midlands we have lost 2,221 police officers, many hundreds of essential police staff, community policing has been dismantled and many police stations have closed because of Conservative cuts of £175 million but it would be a crying shame if Solihull was to have a similar fate.  


Labour have guaranteed Solihull will retain a Public Contact Police Station. If elected as West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner I will honour that guarantee. 


We have to put people and communities at the heart of policing and that includes publicly accessible police stations.”


“I know David Jamieson is working incredibly hard to protect our police and our police station from cuts imposed from Westminster and I am pleased to support his latest attempt to secure a future for Solihull Police Station.”


“I hope that Solihull’s Conservative MPs and Councillors can see past the politics, back David’s plan and help retain and utilise the existing police station building. It’s what their constituents want, it’s what our communities need and the only barrier to achieving this is the Conservative Government in Westminster.”