Liam Byrne, Labour’s Shadow Mayor for the West Midlands, has responded to the Government’s mini-budget with a warning that they must go further faster to protect manufacturing jobs in the West Midlands. 

Following the announcements by the Government Liam Byrne said: “For months I’ve been calling for a capital kickstart for our region to save jobs, and set us on course to become Britain’s capital of green manufacturing.”

“Today’s announcements provide some welcome relief for the young people and the hospitality sector. But there’s a big hole where the plan for manufacturing should be. 

'Other countries like France and Germany are investing big time in manufacturing with flexible support for wages and subsidies for new cars to get industry moving. We needed something similar today and we didn’t get it

‘Worse, the money for ’shovel ready projects’ amounted to just 50p per person for week. That’s no way to deal with the largest recession we’ve had since the 1930’s. 

'We can’t keep repainting trains and drawing pretty maps and call it an investment strategy. At some point the Tory Mayor will need to face the reality that families need help now – not promises of great things to come in two or three years time.”

JLR have already announced 1000 job loses and their supply chain will see a further 2200 jobs lost. The West Midlands could, under forecasts by the Bank of England, see unemployment rise to almost 325000 people – a level not seen since the 1980s.

Liam Byrne added: “Now is not the time to be timid. Our Tory Mayor and his Tory Government have said they will do whatever it takes to get through the coronavirus crisis, but today’s announcements will not cushion the brutal blow that is just around the corner for so many families in the West Midlands who could now find themselves out of work.”





Liam Byrne’s Green New Deal for the West Midlands can be read at