Local lockdown statement

The Government has announced new restrictions in Birmingham, Solihull and Sandwell following a rise in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases.


Responding to the announcement, Shadow Mayor of the West Midlands, Liam Byrne said:


“We now find ourselves in a localised lockdown with greater restriction in place in Birmingham, Solihull and Sandwell. As cases rise every citizen has a responsibility to each other to help keep the infection rates down by playing by the rules.


But Government ministers are making a dogs dinner of the testing system and it's time they got a grip. The only way to avoid self-isolating the whole city is if those who've actually got covid19 can get a test result fast and take the necessary steps to isolate themselves and immediate contacts.


The guidance needs to be clear on what people and cannot do. So far, every announcement by the Prime Minister seems to contradict or change the last announcement he made, leaving people confused about what they are allowed to do.


Across the West Midlands, people will be worried about what new restrictions will mean for them, their families and their jobs – particularly if they have to isolate and the Government must now rethink its one-size fits all approach to the ending of furlough to provide security at this unsettling time.


And for those Council’s who will now, once again, be faced with additional costs and new bills to pay as a result of the Government’s failure need to be told, in no uncertain terms, that those costs will be met by the Government. The people of Sandwell, Solihull and Birmingham should not have to face service cuts and tax rises as a penalty for the failure of our Tory Mayor and the Tory Government.”