Tories to cut £13.7m from Hodge Hill school budget

I am dismayed by government plans to cut school budgets in Hodge Hill by a total of over £13.7 million between now and 2020.

Following the publication of the Government’s consultation on the proposed National Funding Formula, I learned that the Education Secretary is seeking to cut primary school budgets in Hodge Hill by an average of almost £306,000 and secondary school budgets by over £606,000 on average despite the constituency having the highest youth unemployment in the country.

Hodge Hill’s primary schools have lost almost £200 per pupil since 2015 and are set to lose over £160 per pupil more by 2020 according to figures calculated by the National Union of Teachers from Department for Education data.

Secondary schools are set to suffer even worse cuts – over £460 per pupil by 2020 having lost almost £300 per pupil in funding since last year.  All schools will also see reductions in staff if cuts continue, eight on average in primary schools and 16 on average in secondary schools.

I provided the following quotes for journalists:

“We have the highest youth unemployment in the country, but schools are turning things around.  We now have more than twice as many pupils going on to university.  These cuts are going to be a stab in the back for teachers all over the constituency.  The government must change its plans and change them now.”

For more information on the National Union of Teacher’s ‘School Cuts’ campaign, see: