A huge thanks to the hundreds of parents who joined us for nearly two hours this morning at the school to discuss the way you want to go forward, following intensive talks led by Cllr Ansar Ali Khan and our Washwood Heath team over the last week.

We agreed a five point plan. I will meet the Secretary of State for Education on Monday morning to present this - and will brief the head of Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw

1. Parents stand united in their demand for excellent education for their children, and will not tolerate second best in anything. This shambolic process of recent weeks has damaged their children's education, especially media pestering children and parents for comment. The clear message is: give us the space to do our exams!

2. Parents want the chance to take up Sir Michael Wilshaw's offer to meet them, so that they can cross-examine him on the facts.

3. Although a small minority suspended judgement, the large majority of parents want the governors to resign now so a fresh team of parents can be elected to draw up an action plan to respond in full the findings.

4. The parents want the chance to put together the team that takes the school forward - and not have a new trust brought in from outside.

5. The parents would like back-up from the best in the business - but from outstanding school leaders who know and serve our community. We know we are blessed with outstanding local education leaders, for instance at Washwood Heath, Waverley, Ninestiles and Small Heath.

Thank you again for meeting me and Cllrs Ansar Ali Khan, Idrees, Mariam Khan, and Mohammed Aikhlaq - I'll report more news the moment I have it.