Investment in Education

Schools in Hodge Hill and across the country are faced with inadequate funding to their budgets which affects their ability to provide for the quality of education that our children deserve.

The huge cuts by the government to school budgets over the next coming years is an issue of serious concern to me. The government’s cuts to school budgets affect the quality of education our children receive.

We need a world class education system that equips our children to take on the challenges and opportunities of a twenty first century economy. Cuts to school budgets does not achieve this.

The Government used the Autumn Statement to announce £60m a year for Theresa May’s grammar schools vanity project. This is at the same time that they are imposing cuts on our local schools.

Education is suffering its first real terms cut since the 1970s. Investing money into grammar schools that the former Prime Minister called “backward looking”, “completely delusional”, and “an electoral albatross” shows this governments misplaced priorities.

Funding cuts to our children’s education at the same time that the government is investing more in grammar schools has a disastrous effect. It creates an unequal education for our children in our country. We cannot have a system where only a select few children deserve a good education.

The Labour party is opposed to the Tory attempt to create division in our education sector. We will continue to press for an end to the cuts in school funding.

We will continue to press the Government for the provision of better education services and to ensure that every child has access to a good school place. We will press the government for a fair education system across the board. This includes adequate funding for all schools.