Liam Byrne MP, shadow Mayor for the West Midlands, has today (Thursday) launched a bold new manifesto consultation, throwing open the process to the citizens of the West Midlands to shape his plan for the region.

Liam wants to hear from local families, businesses, community groups, faith groups, charities, employees and residents.  And while local Labour members will play an important role, this is not a party political project, but a people-powered process for West Midlands citizens of all political affiliations and none. 

Liam is also throwing open his campaign to local newspapers, radio stations, and community news groups across the region, inviting scrutiny of the process and his plans.  And, in a challenge to Andy Street, the current Tory Mayor, Liam has stressed his willingness to go head to head - virtually if necessary - to compare their respective plans for the region and address Andy Street’s record in office. 


Speaking directly to the people of the West Midlands as the consultation launches, Liam Byrne MP said:

“Things are tough right now. We’ve a Tory government which has lost control of Covid  and a Tory Mayor who simply doesn’t deliver.   But it doesn’t have to be this way.  In 22 weeks time, we have the chance to change our region for good - and I want your help to shape the plan we need to deliver this change. 

“For too long, the West Midlands has had a Mayor whose first priority has been keeping his Tory mates in 10 Downing Street happy.  But you can change that. 

“The West Midlands was the cradle of the industrial revolution.  And with the right leadership, we can create the change we need so that our region leads the green revolution, transforms life chances for our amazing young people, and is a place of thriving communities, safer and stronger for the fact that we look out for each other.  

“But to do this, we need to work together.  I want to hear from you about your ideas, priorities and vision for our region.  I want to know what's important to you and your family, and I want to put that at the heart of my plans for the WestMidlands.  Let's work together for the change we need.”





The website can be visited at:

Although today marks the formal beginning of the manifesto process, the process of engagement has already begun:

  • This year, Liam’s campaign has delivered more than 250,000 letters to residents across the West Midlands.
  • Liam’s campaign has surveyed thousands of people across the 7 Boroughs and Cities have replied to campaign surveys asking about their priorities for the region. 
  • Of those surveyed 22% said that Jobs in the region were main concern and should be the focus for the Mayor  - when including employment opportunities for young people and support for small business and manufacturing, that figure rose to 34%.
  • 31% referenced their community as their top priority – including cleaner streets, building more homes and improving public transport.
  • 1 in 7 people said Crime was their biggest worry in the region with particular emphasis on police numbers.

However when asked if there was anything about this year that people felt good about, 57% said they felt that community spirit had improved and  particularly commented on having a better work/life balance and spending time at home with their families.


Three events have already been planned as part of the manifesto process: