Dear friends,


This afternoon I have written to the Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan to ask her to set out a clear timetable for the involvement of parents at the Park View Educational Trust.


You can read a copy of my letter here.


For ease I have copied the text below.


With all best wishes






28th August 2014


Dear Nicky,


Park View Education Trust


Thank you again for the constructive manner in which you and Lord Nash have approached the sensitive task of rebuilding governance - and parents' trust - at Park View Education Trust. Please pass on my thanks too to your team of civil servants.


I write however to express profound concern about the lack of any progress since July in securing parental involvement in the Trust's governance, or governance of Park View and Nansen school.


As you know, Park View and Nansen's parents are passionate about their children’s schools. They were therefore completely straight-forward about the need for the previous trust members and governors to step down. Their ambitions were set out in the five point plan I presented to Mr Gove at the department in July.


Given the acute need to rebuild trust, it would have been wisest to move during the summer to involve parents and set out a roadmap for parental involvement in Trust and school governance.


Instead, parents and I have had to press repeatedly for meetings to take place, for briefings to be issued and for a roadmap for parental involvement to be organised. As a result, parents' confidence has been damaged once again, and an opportunity for a fresh start lost.


As I am sure you will agree, this is not good enough. I have three children in Birmingham schools, and I would not accept this situation for my children’s school. If it is not good enough for me, it is not good enough for Park View and Nansen parents.


Can I ask therefore, that before Monday we have a clear timetable for involving parents at Trust and school level?


As you were kind enough to acknowledge in the House, I have worked tirelessly to advocate for our parents - and I am determined to see the job through. I stand ready to meet or talk to you, Lord Nash or your officials at any time to expedite a solution.


I am copying this letter to Lord Nash, Colin Diamond and the trust members at park View Education Trust.


With all good wishes