Dear friends,


Today I met with Waheed Saleem, the Chair of Park View School with Cllr Ansar Ali Khan on Friday and I was pleased to hear the considerable progress that has been made in both Nansen and Park View Schools.


I am pleased that both Waheed and Adrian Packer the Executive Principal have made the commitment of meeting with the parents regularly to update them on work they are doing to improve the educational experience of the pupils and to hear their concerns and issues. It was good to hear that the school has appointed several members of senior staff and classroom teachers to support the pupils, including Dr Rashida Sharif the new interim Head at Nansen, Marie Luise Morgan and David Birch, acting Assistant Principals at Park View School. Adrian is also progressing plans to bring a new interim Principal to Park View and has significantly strengthened the leadership team. Waheed held staff surgeries at Park View recently and was noted that staff morale was improving and that students were continuing to make progress in line with their academic targets.


The schools have put in extra help for Year 11 and Year 6 pupils to help them with their GSCE exams  and SATs tests, including evening and weekend classes with experienced teachers. Park View also continues to develop its Accelerated Reader programme, which supports literacy and improves vocabulary. Waheed explained the range of extra curricular activities that are being offered to students including Yr 11 Community Leaders Programme providing leadership skills to students that will give them extra edge in applying for colleges and university places, meeting with Prince William to celebrate the work of the Feast Project, whole school concert and work experience practise interviews.


I raised the issue of community use of the sport facilities at the School and Waheed has reassured me that the improvement works are being scheduled and that the community will soon be able to access these facilities again.


With all best wishes