Policy response on the import of fur into the UK

The welfare of animals is an important issue and the suffering of animals is deplorable.

We took the decision many years ago to end fur farming in the UK. The UK was a driving force behind EU regulations banning the import of animal fur and skin.

The import of fur of endangered animals into the United Kingdom is already banned by EU regulations. Regulations are imposed on the import of cat, dog, and seal furs.

Brexit however opens up the opportunity to strengthen existing laws on the fur industry and reinforce our commitment to protecting animals.

The treatment of farm animals is also another pressing issue that needs to be addressed by the government. Animals suffer in small cages and receive horrible treatment. This needs to be condemned.

The Labour Party though it’s Labour Animal Welfare Society will continue to push the government on a spectrum of issues on animal welfare. We will continue to fight against animal cruelty and end the unnecessary suffering of animals.