Britain and Israel have an enduring relationship shaped by our historical ties, bilateral trade, security cooperation and the values of freedom and tolerance we share.

It was the British Labour party that led the way in supporting the right of the Jewish people to have a homeland in Palestine. Three months prior to the adoption of the Balfour declaration, Labour’s stated policy was:

“Palestine should be set free from the harsh and oppressive government of the Turk, in order that this country may form a Free State under international guarantee, to which such of the Jewish people as desire to do so may return”

A hundred years since the Declaration, Israel is now a modern and thriving democracy where equal rights of minorities are guaranteed under the law. Given Britain’s prominent historical role in the creation of Israel, we now need to play a very active part in trying to find a solution and ensuring that a two-state solution is implemented.

Britain will continue to stand up for freedom of religion and foster the spirit of cooperation among the peoples in the region- Jewish, Muslim, Christian and others.