Working Paper: Labour’s Triple Shift on Europe

The people have spoken. Their will should prevail. But the referendum offered voters a ballot paper not a blueprint. A simple choice on Brexit: not a roadmap through the minefield Britain now has to navigate.

Labour can't block the exit. The debilitation of Brexit is not the facilitator of Labour's resurgence. Voters will not applaud, reward or admire a churlish backseat driver. Let's remember that in the English super-marginals we held in 2005 and then lost, the Brexit vote was nearly 60%. But we can offer a safer surer route forward. And the lead role we should seek is the steely, steady sherpa - better navigators than the occupants of Downing Street who seem determined to take us over the cliff in a last gasp bid to appease the infamous 'bastards' of their backbenches. And as it happens, there is a better route up the mountain which we should now propose.

You can read the full paper here.