Dear friends,


You can see my statement on the the release of the Clarke report earlier today below:


"When I was first alerted to problems at Park View, before anyone had heard of Trojan Horse, I called in Ofsted and made a promise that nothing would be swept under the carpet. We would get to the bottom of any problems and fix them.


Over the last six months, I've been appalled by the way some in government decided to use this as a political football, a pawn in their culture wars, and a chance to attack our city's proud Muslim community. That's why I'm so glad Michael Gove is no longer Education Secretary. He was determined to play divide and rule, rather than seek to foster a sense of the common good.


The reports of the last few days paint a damming picture of how parents and children were let down. Our parents want the very best education for their kids. But now they fear the reputation of the school will slow them down in life. Pupils have told me directly how TV cameras were poked in their faces on their way to their exams, putting them off their stride. Others have told me how city firms have turned them down for work experience when they found out where they went to school. This is appalling. Our children have been let down by the adults.


Last week, Sir Albert Bore was fulsome in his apology. But Park View has been an academy for nearly two years, answering to the Department for Education; yet the Secretary of State today refused to say sorry. That was shameful.


We have however one breakthrough; last Friday I asked Nicky Morgan to appoint an education commissioner so that we finally have one person to take responsibility for standards in every school, council-run and academy alike.


For a month, I've been negotiating with parents and the Department for Education to protect and preserve the school, bring in back up from the best local school leaders in the city, and ensure parents now have a strong voice.


But there is something more we now must do. Adults in government, on governing bodies and in the city have let our children down. Its time to make good the damage. So in September, I will bring together the city's business and education leaders to back a concerted campaign to transform life chances and opportunities for Park View's and Nansen's children.


I'm proud of Park View's pupils. I'm proud of Nansen's little 'uns. Nothing now must stop our total determination and commitment to fight for a brilliant future for them. As a city, its the very least we can do to say sorry."