Dear friends,
I have just returned from the West Midlands Labour Annual Conference at Warwick University in Coventry.

It was an excellent couple of days with great opportunities to engage with fellow MPs, members and regional staff.

One of the most important things to come out of the conference was the final draft of Labour's West Midland's Economic Plan which I helped work on.


Dear friends


What should be Westminster's vow to Birmingham?


I've spent this week in Glasgow campaigning to keep our country together. I passionately believe that the challenges we have in Hodge Hill are easier to solve if we remain together as one United Kingdom. We had a stake in our Scottish neighbours voting to stay together.


All party leaders have now vowed to devolve more power to Scotland.



Dear friends,


Today, Ed Miliband has taken the bold step of moving quickly to grant new powers to Scotland's people and to propose a UK Constitutional Convention "rooted in our nations and regions, to address the need for further devolution in England and political reform of Westminster."

This will look at issues like


- how sub-national devolution can be strengthened


Dear friends,


This morning I will be sharing our Green Paper on Science entitled - 'Agenda 2030: One Nation Labour's Plan for Science.'


If we are to build an opportunity economy with high skilled jobs and the wages to go with them then science and innovation have to be central to our strategy. Britain needs a long-term vision for science and this paper intends to start a discussion about what that vision should look like.