Many constituents have written to me about the Grenfell fire. Most enquiries focused on fire-safety standards, the weakness of the Government's response and the need to properly assist the victims of the fire in finding new housing and professional support in overcoming the tragedy that has befallen their community.

I have prepared the following response:

A simple truth is now clear in economics.

Policymakers and politicians know how to globalise, but we do not know how to make globalisation work for the majority of voters. And today we see the consequences of this in referenda and elections around the world. Inequality in advanced countries is fuelling huge political instability.

During the General Election, I spent 30 days on the streets of Hodge Hill Constituency talking to local residents. Rubbish and fly-tipping remain a top concern.

This presentation sets out evidence collected walking around my constituency every day.

[pdf-embedder url="/sites/default/files/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Operation-Hodge-Hill-Pride-.pdf" title="Operation Hodge Hill Pride" alt="my presentation addressing rubbish dumping in East Birmingham"]




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