Jobs at high risk of automation by 2030 across English parliamentary constituencies

Average no. jobs at risk
Proportion of jobs at risk
Total jobs at high risk

Conservative Constituencies

Labour Constituencies

Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Right: Preliminary Draft Report
Rapporteur: Mr Liam BYRNE, United Kingdom, Socialist Group
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A. Preliminary draft resolution


It was over 50 years ago that Harold Wilson laid bare a great political truth: the Tories don’t get the future.

Back in 1964, Wilson practically won the election with the argument that the Edwardian establishment Tories were simply unprepared to govern in the jet age.

How little has changed. And today it’s the Teletext Tories who are hopelessly unprepared to lead Brexit Britain through the global digital era.

How does the UK become the world’s most advanced digital society? In my first keynote speech since becoming Shadow Digital Minister, I will draw on my history of Britain’s entrepreneurial revolution to set out the roadmap for developing Labour’s digital manifesto over the year to come.

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