Last week I made the hardest speech I have given in the House of Commons. I got up and talked about my life as the child of an alcoholic. My father, Dermot, was an extraordinary guy. The son of Irish immigrants, he was bright, charismatic and chippy. He battered his way into grammar school and university and when he left, he fell in love with the idealism of the postwar new towns and moved us to Harlow in Essex, where in the 1980s he worked his way up to become the council manager.

Dear friends,

I recently joined a cross-party delegation on an All-Party Parliamentary Group trip to Kurdistan.

You can see what I found out during this visit by watching the videos below:


Report from Iraq's Ashti refugee camp

[video width="426" height="240" mp4="/sites/default/files/wp-content/uploads/Report-from-Iraqs-Ashti-refugee-camp.mp4"][/video]



Dear friends,

Yesterday I delivered a speech to Policy Network on entrepreneurial socialism, tackling inequality and the case for a #NewClause4. You can read the speech here.

You can also see below my speech in six infographics:


1) Britain 2015: More Super Rich. More Super Poor.


Dear friends,


In my speech earlier today, calling for a #NewClause4, I promised to publish some work we did in Government on the basic powers we want to see in the hands of our citizens.


Today I am publishing these slides for the first time. Click on the first slide below to have a look, it is a fascinating list of powers.