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This evening I have the great honour and privilege of giving the annual NACOA David Stafford lecture here in Portcullis House in Parliament.

You can read the text of my speech here below or by clicking here.


Last week, the All Party Group on Children of Alcoholics published ground-breaking research which showed:

• No council has a specific strategy for support for Children of Alcoholics.

• Almost no Local Authority is increasing its Drug and Substance abuse treatment budgets, despite the increases in alcohol related hospital admissions - in fact, over a third are cutting treatment budgets

• Referrals for alcohol treatment vary widely from 0.4% of a Local Authorities’ estimated number of hazardous drinkers, to 11%.


Tonight we are publishing our proposal for a new law, the Children with Alcoholic Parents (Support) Bill, which would:

• Appoint a minister with national responsibility for policy to support children of alcoholics, with the power to coordinate specified health and social services

• Require an annual national strategy to support Children of Alcoholics

• Require councils and the NHS, in every part of the country, to set out the scale of the challenge with hazardous drinking parents in their area, to set out a coordinated plan to support children of alcoholics, and to publish budgets for treatment and support, organised in a national league table


The text of my Ten Minute Rule Bill:

The Children with Alcoholic Parents (Support) Bill;

That leave be given to bring in a Bill to make provision about the care and support of children with one or more alcoholic parents; to provide for the allocation of a duty to coordinate specified health and social services to a specific Minister; to establish a national strategy and a system of annual reporting of performance by local authorities against relevant objectives and targets within such a strategy; to oblige local authorities to provide specified other data on children with one or more alcoholic parents in their area; and for connected purposes.

What you can do:

Write to your MP and ask them to sign Early Day Motion (EDM) 750:

Find out who your MP is at:

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